About me

My sincere apologies.
Unfortunately for the reader, this page is a linguistic mess.
I write in German, produce radio mainly in French, less in English and German. To allow everyone to understand what this page is about, I chose English as the guiding language.

I tell stories about people – problems that upset; ideas that give hope; experiences that astonish. I report about social issues in Germany, France, Italy and South East Europe putting them into a European perspective. In order to deepen my understanding of the theoretical frame, I am currently finishing my Master’s degree in Euroculture in Udine, Italy. Euroculture is an international and interdisciplinary program focused on European culture and politics. At the same time, I am working at Euradio in Nantes, France, where I am putting this knowledge into practice.

I finished my journalistic education at the Zeitenspiegel Reportageschule in Reutlingen, Germany. The training focuses on storytelling for print media. I learned how to paint a vivid image of a person and his/her struggles, how to find the right words and before that, how to find the catching story. The school is specialized in feature story writing for magazines, with a minor focus on multimedia and radio storytelling.

Before that, I discovered the variety of German-language media through internships – at the public TV stations BR and ZDF, the campus radio in Cologne and Deutschradio in Tuscany, the ff magazine in South Tyrol and the Alsatian daily newspaper Journal d’Alsace. During my studies I worked as an author and editor for several print magazines.